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Norton Antibot

"Norton Antibot definitely offers protection against fast-changing, fast-acting malware such as bots — protection you might not get from a signature-based malware scanner."

-PC Magazine, June 2008



Don't let your PC get hijacked by web bots and participate in online crime unwillingly


29.99 GET 10% OFF WITH


      Detects malware based on application behavior - no need for signatures!
      Adds another level of security against threats too new to have a known signature
      Monitors your PC 24/7 against bot activity
      Automatically identifies and removes bots and all their associated components
      100% compatible with existing signature-based security products

Were you aware that Web robots ('bots') might be actively leeching on to your system? Did you know that in 2006, a study reported that about 12 million machines on the Internet were part of botnets, or simply put networks of bot-infested computers? No wonder even the FBI says botnets are a growing threat to national security. So, what exactly are bots?

These malicious programs can access personal data to steal your identity and be used by hackers to attack websites and commit online fraud. In the latter case, hackers can simply take control of computers as part of a botnet and direct them to launch Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Such attacks could bring down an enterprise’s website completely; this is one of the reasons why bots are viewed as one of the most serious online threats nowadays.

Norton Antibot uses technology that basically examines the behavior of applications running on your computer. In fact, it analyzes almost 300 different behaviors in order to be able to flag applications as bots. Of course, Norton Antibot is smart enough to understand a particular behavior does not necessarily make an application a bot; rather, it will piece together a group of behaviors observed in an application to conclude that combined, they make it look suspicious and that this particular application should be removed. In addition, Norton Antibot will prevent new bots from installing on your machine.

You might wonder whether or not Norton Antibot uses the same SONAR (Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response) technology that is built into Norton 360 2.0, Norton Internet Security 2008 and Norton Antivirus 2008. The answer is no. Norton Antibot uses technology licensed by Symantec from Sana Security. Like SONAR, it is a behavioral analysis technology however it is running constantly while SONAR only runs during system scans. Big difference!

It is important to understand that Norton Antibot adds another layer of security to your computer. While it can actually detect and remove any type of existing malware threats on your machine and prevent new threats from installing, especially web bots, combining it with other security software makes it even powerful. Indeed, Norton Antibot is designed to work smoothly with other security software from Symantec but also any other vendor.

Don’t let your PC be hijacked by a bot and become part of a botnet. Don’t participate in online crime unwillingly or have your identity stolen. Your protection begins with a simple step – Order Norton Antibot today!
Norton Antibot includes the following features and can be used for 1 year on up to 3 PCs in your household:

• Monitors your PC 24/7 for web bot activity to protect you against hijacking and identity theft attempts.
• Removes identified bots and all their associated components.
• Will also identify and remove any other type of malware.
• Bot and malware identification is done via a behavioral analysis technology that is constantly active.
• This means Norton Antibot can detect a malware application on your PC even before it is 'officially' known and a signature has been created for it.
• Adds another layer of protection to your PC and can work in conjunction with any other computer security product.
• Has minimal impact on performance; work and games are not affected.
• Includes protection updates and new product features during your service period thanks to LiveUpdate.
Windows® XP Home/ XP Pro/ XP Media 2005+

• 600MHz or higher processor
• 256MB of RAM
• 50MB of available hard disk space

Windows Vista™ Home Basic/ Home Premium/ Business/ Ultimate (32-bit and 64-bit)

• 1GHz or higher processor
• 1GB of RAM
• 50 MB of available hard disk

Required for All Installations

• DVD or CD-ROM drive
• Internet Explorer 5.5 or newer

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