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Norton AntiVirus or Norton Internet Security?

Note: Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security have been discontinued by Symantec and replaced with Norton Security.

Are you wondering whether your should buy Norton AntiVirus or Norton Internet Security? Did you reach this page after doing a search on "norton antivirus vs norton internet security" or "norton internet security vs norton antivirus"? You have come to the right place: in this short article, we will summarize the key differences between Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security so you can buy the product that best fits your needs AND your budget.

Norton AntiVirus

This is Symantec's most basic security product. But do not take this statement as a "bad" thing: Norton AntiVirus offers strong protection against all types of malware, such as viruses, spyware, rootkits, worms and more. For information about the nature of these threats, please check our Glossary. Because it does not have any "fancy" features, Norton AntiVirus is also the product will the lowest price in Symantec's Windows-based PC security product lineup.

Bottom line: if your budget is tight and you use the Web mostly to read news and check email from time to time, Norton AntiVirus should offer the security level you need. Also note that Norton AntiVirus is the product you should buy if you plan on using Windows' default firewall, because Norton AntiVirus does not provide one.

Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security offers all the core protection you will find in Norton AntiVirus, along with many other security features. Here are the top ones that should influence your buying decision:

- Firewall: this is probably the feature that differentiates Norton Internet Security from Norton AntiVirus in the most important way. A firewall protects your computer and your data from hackers. With it you can control the traffic into and out of your computer. Norton Internet Security's smart two-way firewall is very powerful and offers many tweaks so that you can really configure it the way you want to, allowing only some of your applications to access the Internet, blocking certain IP addresses, etc.

- Identity protection: you have probably heard about identity theft. Unfortunately, this type of threat is all-too-common online. Without protection you could be the victim of a phishing attack, perhaps by entering personal information on a site that looks legitimate to you, but is in fact malicious and hosted by hackers. Norton Internet Security's phishing filters can analyze links you are about to open in an email or the structure of web pages you visit, then generate warnings if any potential dangers are detected.

- Norton Identity Safe: with this feature, your Internet user names and passwords are stored in an encrypted vault and entered automatically in the relevant fields of web pages, for instance the login page of your bank's website. That means you don't have to type them, so they cannot get stolen by malicious keylogging software that could be installed on your computer unbeknownst to you.

- Norton Safe Web: see fraudulent and fake websites directly from the search results of many different search engines, so you don't even visit them. This feature also works as you are surfing websites, warning you whether or not a particular site is safe. From there, decide to continue what you were doing or leave immediately.

- Antispam: this feature is useful if you use Microsoft® Outlook® for emailing. It will identify unwanted (malicious or not) messages and based on your configuration settings, take appropriate actions. This feature is not intended to work with online-based email services such as Yahoo! Mail or Gmail, since these services already have built-in Spam filters.

- Parental controls management: if you have children old enough to use a computer, you should think about buying Norton Internet Security for this feature alone. It will give you peace of mind, allowing you to control what websites your kids can visit, who they are chatting with when they are online and more.

Bottom line: there are many additional security features coming with Norton Internet Security, compared to what you get with Norton AntiVirus. These features justify the higher price of the product, but also ensure that you are safe when you do more than just casually surfing the web: banking, shopping, searching... Most of your online activities will be protected by Norton Internet Security, and if you are a heavy Internet user you should consider this product.

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