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Norton Tablet Security 2012

"What happens when anyone can develop and publish an application to the Android™ Market? A 472% increase in Android™ malware samples since July 2011."


- Juniper Networks Global Threat Center


Comprehensive protection for tablets running Androidâ„¢ 2.2 or later

A$ 29.990

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→ For 1 device
→ 1 year of protection
→ Works with tablets running Android™ 2.2 or later
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      Allows you to see where your Androidâ„¢ tablet is at all-times via any Web browser
      Allows you to lock your Androidâ„¢ tablet remotely in case of loss or theft
      Detects and removes threats before they cause damage
      Blocks phishing websites; scans all apps and their updates for threats
      Downloads and installs very quickly, won't slow down your tablet

You can now protect your Android™ tablet with Norton. And for good reason: according to a recent Juniper Networks study, the Android™ operating system saw a 472% rise in malware samples since July 2011. This increase in malware affects both smart phones and tablets running the wildly popular Android™ operating system. 

Norton Tablet Security 2012 can protect you efficiently in muliple ways, thanks to several convenient Web-based services and strong threat detection abilities. There are two core sets of services:

Tablet protection in case of loss or theft

  • Norton Tablet Security 2012 allows you to see where your device is at all times via any Web browser
  • You can lock your tablet remotely so your most precious information cannot be viewed should it fall into the wrong hands. Again, this can be done with any Web browser.
  • You can have Norton Tablet Security 2012 display a personalized message on your tablet, so that in case of loss you can get in touch with whomever found it, then attempt to retrieve it.
  • Norton Tablet Security 2012 can take snapshots of anyone in front of your tablet, using the front-facing camera (if available). These pictures are then uploaded to the Norton Anti-Theft website to help you identify who has your device.

Tablet threat detection and removal

  • Norton Tablet Security 2012 detects and removes threats that hackers could use to steal your data or simply take control of your device.
  • It scans all "apps" you download, looking for potential threats, and takes appropriate actions to get rid of them if any are found. Subsequent updates to these "apps" are also checked.
  • Norton Tablet Security 2012 also guards your identity and sensitive information by detecting phishing websites and prevents you from revealing such information on these sites; your passwords, credit card numbers, social security number and other important data is safe.
  • Thanks to Norton Community Watch your tablet has protection that is as up-to-date as it gets, enabling Norton Tablet Security 2012 to block or remove the very latest threats.
Similarly as Norton Mobile Security 2012, which can protect both tablets and smart phones running Android™ 2.2 or later, Norton Tablet Security 2012 is very quick to download and install. It is easy on system resources and will never slow down your tablet while you work, browse the Web, watch videos and more.

Protect your Android™ tablet (2.2 or later) now and download Norton Tablet Security 2012!

  • Web-based Sneak Peek - snaps photos of anyone in front of your device then saves the images to th Norton Anti-Theft website (Webcam devices only.)
  • Web-based remote locate - shows you the location of your tablet via any Web browser so you can find it if it's lost or stolen.
  • Web-based remote lock - lets you remotely lock your lost or stolen tablet via any Web browser to prevent strangers from seeing your private stuff.
  • Web-based Lost Notice - displays a customizable message to anyone who finds your missing device, so you can make arrangements to get it back.
  • Antiphishing Web protection - blocks fraudulent (phishing) websites. Protects your tablet and your stuff on Wi-Fi networks, without slowdowns or interruptions.
  • Download threat protection - automatically scans all the apps and app updates you download to your tablet for threats.
  • Threat protection - detects and removes threats without affecting your tablet's performance.
  • Norton Community Watch - collects information volunteered by millions of Norton users to spot new threats faster, identify safe files and provide stronger, more efficient protection.
  • SD card scanning - gives you the option of having Norton Tablet Security 2012 automatically scan SD (Secure Digital) memory cards for threats when you plug them into your device.
  • LiveUpdate™ with roaming state detection - checks for updates every week to help ensure you have the most up-to-date protection. Only updates when you're not roaming, to avoid unnecessary charges.


Supported Operating Systems

  • Android™ 2.2 or later

Device Requirements

  • For Android™ tablets
  • 1.8 MB of available storage